Rakhano prepares new single on his 21st birthday


Young soloist Rakhano has just celebrated his 21st birthday on February 11, 2024. The Semarang-born man became known to the public after releasing his first single Ajarkanku Melepasnya in 2023.

This birthday feels special for Rakhamo because he is preparing his latest single. This single will be Rakhano’s second single produced by Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia.

Although Rakhano is not yet willing to divulge the details of the song, he hopes that this song will be well received by music lovers in Indonesia. “This will be a special song for me, apart from the release month which coincides with my birthday. I also have high hopes that this song will be well received by music listeners in Indonesia.” Rakhano said.

Being a musician has been Rakhano’s dream for a long time. He has been studying music since childhood, starting from guitar, drums, and vocals. However, he never imagined how to become a famous musician.

After joining Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia, Rakhano just found out how the process is to become a professional musician.