UN1TY's BIGBANG cover video is available!


UN1TY is an Indonesian boygroup created by 1ID Music. UN1TY has started their debut with two released singles titled Coba Cintaku and Satu on December 9, 2019. Coba Cintaku reached 43rd rank on Billboard Indonesia Top 100 and 19th rank on Langit Musik Top 50 January 2020 edition. Satu reached 4th rank on Indonesia 20 15th edition by I-Radio Jakarta.

UN1TY’s name is a reference to Indonesia’s national motto Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity). The name represents teamwork and a desire to unite music fans.

UN1TY released “Ya udah,” its first new song since becoming a six-member group in June of this year.
UN1TY currently has only six members, Shandi, Gilan, Fenley, Faziri, Zweison, and Fiki, after two members, Ricky and Farhan, left the group. The single “Ya Udah” also feels very special because it is a collaboration between UN1TY and Eka Gustiwana and Patrick Effendy.

They has been active without sad feeling the members leaving the group, and now that membership has been established, we can expect the group’s activities to continue to grow.

In the cover video uploaded this time, the costumes in black are eye-catching. The members’ expression management and sharp dance moves are also highlights of the video.In addition to the video uploaded this time, UN1TY has been consistently uploading interesting content such as New Jeans cover videos and membership benefit unboxing videos. For more information, please check their official SNS.