UN1TY and SM*SH One Night Only Collaboration


UN1TY and Legendary SM*SH : Luxurious Collaboration

Popular Indonesian boy groups UN1TY and SM*SH collaborated for one night only. They performed at the special song festival “Spesial Konser Raya 29 Indosiar Luar Biasa” celebrating Indosiar’s 29th anniversary and performed a collaborative stage.

Indosiar is a wireless television network in Indonesia. It is broadcast nationally on UHF and can be received throughout the Indonesian archipelago by analog PAL television, which was established on January 11, 1995. It is a national television network and has produced numerous variety programs.

This year’s Indosiar 29th anniversary was titled “29th Indosiar Grand Concert Special” and consisted of two parts. The first night was broadcast on January 10, 2024, and featured not only top artists but also many new and minor artists. The second night was held on the following day, January 11, with the same large number of artists as the first night, and also featured collaborative stages between artists, and a collaborative stage by SM*SH and UN1TY as the same boy group.

The audience cheered loudly when they appeared on stage together, with UN1TY and SM*SH showing their charm to the audience in their chic white and black outfits.

“Senyum Semangat” is one of SM*SH’s most popular songs released 11 years ago. When the song was played, the two groups lined up symmetrically on stage and performed a beautiful symmetrical dance in unison.

Next song is SATU by UN1TY. The atmosphere of the first song was completely different from that of the second song, as the duo charmingly showed off their stage presence by sending hearts to the audience.

The last song on the collaboration stage was SM*SH’s latest song, “Boyband.” The two groups closed the collaboration stage to great fanfare with their sharp and well-coordinated dance moves.