Weird Genius makes comeback with new song Catalyst


Weird Genius makes comeback with new song Catalyst

Weird Genius is an Indonesian EDM and electropop group under Barong Family, Universal Music Group and Astralwerks (since August 18, 2020). They were formed in 2016 and debuted in 2017 with the single DWP.

Weird Genius made a comeback with its new song Catalyst. This new song is the first new song after new member Roy Leonard joined the band, and it is very fresh to see them with a new lineup.

Following the release of the new song, he also performed on stage at the DWP Music Festival in Bali, Indonesia. This music festival is held every year at the end of the year, and this year marks its 15th year. This year’s DWP featured performances by Weird Genius, DJ Snake, David Guetta, Alok, and other international guests. The third day of the festival, Weird Genius ‘s stage was a great success, and the audience was very excited by his new song Catalyst.

In addition, it was announced that Weird Genius will appear at the festival Neoncountdown in Thailand.

This festival is one of Asia’s largest EDM festivals held at the end of the year. This year, in addition to Weird Genius, DJ Snake, Axwell, Hardwell, and even Yellow Claw.

Enjoy New Year’s Eve while watching Weird Genius!

【Catalyst. – Weird Genius (ft. Pepita) 】