NCT 127 won quadruple with "Be There For Me"


CIRCLE Chart (formerly GAON Chart) announced its 52nd Weekly Ranking for the 52nd week of 2023.

The Korea Music Content Association, which operates the CIRCLE Chart, announced, “For the 52nd week (December 24-December 30, 2023), NCT 127 won four awards on the chart, while BTS (Bulletproof Youth Team) Jong Guk, EXO, and others performed well.

NCT 127 took first place on the retail album chart (147,157 retail sales) and the album chart (546,364 sales) with their winter special single “Be There For Me,” which was released on December 27, respectively. The title track of the same name reached No. 1 on the digital chart (Circle index 20,966,594 points) and the download chart.

Jong-Guk’s “Standing Next to You,” released on November 3, remained at No. 1 on the global K-pop charts for eight consecutive weeks. It was followed by “Seven (Feat. Latto) – Explicit Ver.” at No. 4, “3D (Feat. Jack Harlow)” at No. 6, and “Seven (Feat. Latto) – Clean Ver.” at No. 8, sweeping the top spots on the charts.

EXO’s “The First Snow,” released on December 9, 2013, spent two consecutive weeks at No. 1 on the streaming chart, and the song, which was released 10 years ago, recently gained popularity on short video platforms as the “First Snow Challenge.” The song, which was released 10 years ago, has recently been gaining popularity on short-form video platforms as “The First Snow Challenge” and has successfully run backwards on the charts.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s new song, “Dream,” debuted at No. 1 for two consecutive weeks on two charts, including the Chaku-Uta chart. The song is the OST (insert song) for the JTBC drama “Welcome to Samdalli,” and is a remake of Cho Young Pil’s hit song with Taeyeon’s strong and clear vocals.

FIFTY FIFTY was ranked No. 1 for two consecutive weeks on “Social Charts 2.0,” an intuitive indicator of an artist’s global popularity, with MyCelebs’ keywords of appeal including “top of the music charts,” “big hit,” and “hot favorite. The artist who rose significantly on the 52nd week social chart was iruma.

On the other hand, new songs that ranked in the top 200 of the digital chart for the 52nd week included SEVENTEEN’s “God of Light Music” at No. 149.

Chart List for 52nd Week in 2023
<Global K-POP Chart>
No. 1: BTS Jungkook “Standing Next to You”
No.2: LE SSERAFIM “Perfect Night”
No. 3: BTS Jimin “Closer Than This”
No. 4: BTS Jungkook, “Seven (Feat. Latto) – Explicit Ver.”
No. 5: aespa “DRAMA”
No. 6: BTS Jungkook, “3D (Feat. Jack Harlow)”
No. 7: NewJeans “Super Shy”
No. 8: BTS Jungkook, “Seven (Feat. Latto) – Clean Ver.”
No. 9: BTS Jimin “Like Crazy”
No.10: NewJeans “Ditto”

<Digital Chart>
No.1 : NCT 127 “Be There For Me”
No.2 : EXO “The First Snow”
No.3 : LE SSERAFIM “Perfect Night”
No.4 : Girls’ Generation Taeyeon “To. X”
No. 5: aespa “DRAMA”
No. 6: Parc Jae-jung “I Say Goodbye”
No. 7: BUMJIN “Greetings”
No. 8: IVE “Baddie”
No. 9: Lim Jae Hyun “Rhapsody in the Rain”
No.10 : AKMU “Love Lee”

<Download Chart>
No.1 : NCT 127 “Be There For Me”
No.2 : Kim Ho-jung “A letter”
No.3 :Kim Ho-jung “In There I Meet You”
No.4 : UMI “where u r (Feat. V of BTS)”
No.5: EXO “The First Snow”

<Streaming chart>
No.1:EXO “The First Snow”
No.2 : LE SSERAFIM “Perfect Night”
No.3 : aespa “DRAMA”
No.4 : Girls’ Generation Taeyeon “To. X”
No.5 :Parc Jae-jung “I Say Goodbye” (Japanese only)”

<Album Chart>
No.1: NCT 127 “Be There For Me”
No.2 : NCT 127 “Be There For Me” (SMC)”
No.3 :TVXQ “20 & 2”
No.4 : THE BOYZ “[PHANTASY] Pt.2 Sixth Sense”
No. 5: Stray Kids “樂-STAR”

[NCT 127 ‘Be There For Me’ MV]