EXO's song "The First Snow" Reaches No. 1


The challenge video has made a splash!

EXO’s winter song “The First Snow” has once again reached No. 1 on the music distribution chart 10 years after its release.

According to a representative from their agency SM Entertainment, EXO’s “The First Snow,” which was released in December 2013, reached No. 1 on MelOn’s Top 100 and daily charts as of December 19, 2023, 10 years after its release. It also ranked No. 1 on Bugs!’s real-time chart, No. 2 on FLO, No. 6 on genie, and other major music distribution charts, demonstrating the majesty of “K-POP’s representative carol.

The First Snow,” with its unique sad and warm atmosphere, has been positioned as a “must-have winter song” that people remember every year when the first snow falls. This year, a so-called “The First Snow Challenge,” in which the song’s chorus is played at a fast pace and simple actions are added, has become popular mainly on short video platforms, and is also running backwards on the music distribution charts at a frightening pace.

In response, leader Suho said, “The members and I celebrated “The First Snow” reaching No. 1 on the charts for the first time in 10 years. Many people were interested in the song through the challenge, and we were surprised when it appeared on the charts, but now the members are enjoying the situation,” he said. We always love and appreciate you. I hope you listen to this song and have a warm holiday season. I will be back next year with even better music and performances.

The First Snow” is a song from EXO’s special winter album “Miracles in December. The song is an acoustic pop genre number with lyrics about a winter day with the first snowfall, remembering the first love that broke up a year ago, and wanting to go back in time to a year ago.