"Warm on a Cold Night" officially set Li Yitong Bi Wenjun go to the fantasy detective journey.


On February 20, by Li Yitong, Bi Wenjun who is the main vocalist of NEX7, an idol group in China lead, He Ruixian, Chen Heyi, Ma Yue, Yang Shize, Deng Ying, Wang Maolei, Fu Shouer special appearance of the ancient light-hearted detective case strange love drama “Warm on a Cold Night” officially announced the schedule, will be officially online on February 25.

The drama tells the story of the wise and brave female constable Su Jiuer (Li Yitong) and the young master of the Qi clan, Han zheng (Bi Wenjun), who meet and form a life and death partnership because of a strange murder case concerning the relationship between the two clans, and work together to unravel the fog of intrigue and reveal the truth of the case to solve the crisis of the family and the country, and start a sweet love story.

The official single character poster of Bi Wenjun

“Warm on a Cold Night” since the official announcement has attracted the attention of netizens, this time the official file even issued a single character posters and teasers, a lot of points.
In the poster, the wolf’s head which is half hidden outside the picture, the fur texture background behind the people, the city and the snowy mountain, etc. will instantly fill the mystery of the world of Qianqi twin clans.
The teaser released simultaneously opens with a bizarre autopsy scene in which Su Jiuer and Predator move from saber-rattling to mutually beneficial cooperation in order to quickly solve a strange case. The two of them are in a series of mysterious cases, such as the nursery rhyme case and the painter case, while tacitly chasing the murderer and gagging at the same time, the plot can be described as a strong sense of rhythm, which raises expectations.

In addition to the content, the behind-the-scenes production of the show is also not to be underestimated. In order to better serve the worldview, the team has taken great care to present the Qian-Qi dual clans in different styles, with Su Jiuer’s Qian dress being fresh and pretty, and Han Pred’s Qi fang pendant and other accessories showing the coldness and ruggedness of the foreign clan to the fullest.
The new world view and setting is refreshing and unique among all the costume dramas. In addition, the whole drama has many hidden small ingenuity. The mannequins of the autopsy of the inspector guard in the drama can be powered for real, Su Jiuer will wear small leather gloves before conducting the autopsy, professionalism pull full convincing. The team is full of details control, small place to write, digging deeper, the quality of the episode everywhere to see the real chapter.