Cha Eunwoo to hold first solo photo exhibition "ARCHIVE" in February! Teaser images released!


Cha Eunwoo will meet his fans at his solo photo exhibition.

He will hold his first solo photo exhibition “ARCHIVE” from February 13th to 26th at the Seouliteum Exhibition Hall 1.

On the afternoon of January 26th, two teaser images of “ARCHIVE” were released on the official SNS of his agency Fantageo. The photos released on the site show Cha Eunwoo’s cool visuals and refreshing atmosphere.

In particular, his daily appearance, holding a camera in his hand and imitating the character’s movements in the art drawn on the wall, added natural and warm charm and gave viewers pleasant energy.

Through this ARCHIVE, Cha Eunwoo will present his daily life with photos and present his fans with joy. Expectations are high on what colorful appearance and story Cha Eunwoo, who caught the eye with only the teaser image, will have in the photo exhibition.

Meanwhile, he completed ASTRO’s third album last year and successfully completed his solo fan meeting tour in five Asian countries. Recently, he appeared as Yohan in Part 1 of the original TVing series “Ireland” and was recognized for his strong acting skills.

Cha Eunwoo, who is actively pursuing his career as an Astro member and all-around entertainer, will continue to communicate with his fans in various ways, including his YouTube channel, which will include “Ireland” Part 2 scheduled to be released on February 24, and his photo exhibition “ARCHIVE.”

His “ARCHIVE” will be held from February 13 to 26 at the Seouliteum Exhibition Hall 1, and tickets can be purchased in advance through Apple Music until February 31.