Teens in Times Disc2 Fragment Collection "Utopia Paradise" is open! What comes before spring is Utopia Paradise.


Teens in Times Disc2 Fragment Collection “Utopia Paradise” is open! “Utopia Paradise is what comes before spring.” Keep unlocking the dreamy new singles and feel the beautiful beliefs of teenagers conveyed in the music!

01/13 “If I Miss Flying” Ma Jiaqi and Yan Haoxiang

01/14 “Fireworks Rise and Stop in the Starry Night” Song Yaxuan and Liu Yaowen

01/15 “Dear and Dear” Ding Chengxin, Zhang Zhenyuan, He Junlin

01/16 “Raise Your Head” Ma Jiaqi, Song Yaxuan, Zhang Zhenyuan

01/17 “Lonely Monster” Ding Chengxin, Liu Yaowen, Yan Haoxiang, He Junlin

Teens in Times (TNT) is an idol group of seven male members selected by audition.