NCT 127 releases introductory 'Wall to Wall' track video


NCT 127’s track video for “Intro: Wall to Wall” was released

On July 7 at 12 p.m., the new track video for “Intro: Wall to Wall” was unveiled on the NCT 127 channel on YouTube. As the song kicks off the start of their sixth studio album, it’s a great introduction to the intense force of NCT 127’s return with their new album.

The intro track “Intro: Wall to Wall” is a hip-hop song with gospel-style chords, soulful vocals, and hard-hitting rapping, and the lyrics are about looking back at the path NCT 127 has traveled and facing the road ahead fearlessly, just like NCT 127.

In addition, NCT 127 celebrated the 💚8th anniversary💚of their debut yesterday with a special live broadcast of “Summer 127 Camp : NCT 127 8TH ANNIVERSARY” on YouTube, Weavers NCT 127 channel, and TikTok NCT channel to celebrate with fans around the world.

Meanwhile, NCT 127’s 6th regular album “WALK” will be released on July 15th.