Stray Kids to Make Comeback on July 19! New mini-album "ATE" trailer video released


Stray Kids will release a new mini album “ATE” on July 19.

JYP Entertainment posted the “Stray Kids “ATE” Trailer” on its official SNS channel at midnight on June 19 to share the news of Stray Kids’ new album release. According to the report, they will make a comeback with their new mini-album “ATE” on July 19 at 1 p.m.

The trailer, released with the happy comeback news, begins with the Stray Kids as advertising models for ATE, a fortune cookie brand that brings good luck. The screen switches from advertising to reality, and the Stray Kids, conversing in a friendly atmosphere, open the fortune cookie placed in front of them with a curious look on their faces. Faced with the phrase “Your luck no longer lasts from now on” in the cookie, they repeatedly drop the pizza they just bought, step on a toy block and slip, and other unexpected things. The members searched everywhere to regain their good fortune, and when they finally found a new “ATE” fortune cookie, a series of fortunate circumstances ensued. The video ends on a cheerful note, suggesting that they are the “lucky heroes” who bring good luck with their “ATE” fortune cookie, which means “good luck” itself.

The trailer was immersive with its unique subject matter, a fortune cookie that predicts good fortune, and a hilarious advertising concept utilizing the album name “ATE. The members’ skillful performances in humorous situations double the enjoyment of watching. At 9 p.m. on the 18th, the group piqued the curiosity of fans with the surprise release of some footage from the trailer in the self-produced content “SKZ CODE” uploaded to the group’s official YouTube channel, followed by the release of the main trailer at midnight to heighten interest.

The name of the album, “ATE,” reflects the Stray Kids’ unique cheerful energy and imposing aspirations to captivate the Korean and international music markets this summer. They have grown by leaps and bounds with each new album, and there are high expectations for their new album to showcase their fresh music and new image.

Stray Kids, along with the release of their new album, ATE, “I-Days” in Milan, Italy on July 12 (local time below), “British Summer Time Hyde Park” in London, England on July 14, and “Lollapalooza Chicago” in Chicago, USA on August 2. He will appear as a headliner at three major music festivals.

Stray Kids’ new album will be available for pre-order on online music distribution sites starting at 1 p.m. on the 19th.