BTS' Jin to hug 1,000 fans as he returns from army


BTS member Jin hugged 1,000 fans to let them know that he is back in good spirits.

On June 13, “2024 FESTA,” an event celebrating the 11th anniversary of his debut, was held in Seoul, and Jin, who had just been discharged from the military on June 12 after completing 18 months of military service, made an appearance.
Fans from home and abroad hugged Jin, listened to him sing, and enjoyed the opportunity to interact with him for the first time in a long time.
Jin’s first official event after his discharge from the military consisted of two parts: “JIN’s Greetings,” a hugging event for 1,000 people selected by lottery, and “Seokjin, weather clear on June 13, 2024” for 3,000 people.
The performance venue was staged based on Jin’s character “wootteo,” which was released along with his first solo single “The Astronaut” in October 2022, creating a mysterious atmosphere like outer space.
Dressed in a gray suit, Jin appeared on stage on a bicycle, finally reunited with his 4,000 fans after a year and six months of waiting. He sang “The Astronaut” and the fans listened to his voice.
Jin greeted the audience by saying, “Hello, ARMYs, I’m Jin of BTS,” and then said, “I’m finally back home that I really missed. I’m really happy. I’m so nervous and I feel like I’m making my debut right now. I can’t sing well, and my face and hands are shaking, so I feel restless,” he opened his mouth.

He also showed his exceptional affection with a romantic gift that day. He prepared a bouquet of flowers for 4,000 people, which moved the fans. Fans recorded the happy time they spent together by taking commemorative shots with the bouquet Jin gave them.
After the successful completion of the “2024 FESTA” offline event, Jin started his activities for the second half of this year in earnest.