Born out of “Nizi Project 2” NEXZ, finally makes its debut in Korea! Pressure of being “Stray Kids junior”


NEXZ is the boys group to be launched by JYP in six years since Stray Kids. The seven members with an average age of 17, combine characteristics and charm that only Z Generation has to offer. NEXZ is an abbreviation for “Next Z(G)eneration”, J.Y.Park who JYP’s representative producer and “Nizi Project” jury member gave the name. Aspirations embedded in the group name is “open the next era with the music and performances of the Z Generation members.”

Their debut single “Ride the Vibe” is notable for its challenging atmosphere and diverse changing sounds. The seven members sing, “Let’s ride this Vibe with me.” referring to the waves of emotions that well up in their hearts, including the thrill, anxiety, and excitement they can feel because it’s their first time.