NCTDREAM completes 2 days at Tokyo Dome with 100,000 fans!

“기다렸어 어서 와” NCT DREAM fulfills dream at Tokyo Dome

NCT DREAM has successfully completed its first Tokyo Dome solo concert with 100,000 fans.
The NCT DREAM World Tour “The Dream Show 3: Dream Escape” in Japan, held at the Tokyo Dome on the 25th and 26th of this month, was NCT DREAM’s first solo concert at the Tokyo Dome, and the group sold out both nights, drawing a total of 100,000 fans, demonstrating the group’s explosive popularity and power.

In this concert, NCT DREAM opened in grand style with “Box,” a dramatic performance with dozens of crew members, and continued to perform intense songs such as “119,” “SOS,” and “Go,” turning the Tokyo Dome into a cauldron of enthusiasm from the start.

In addition, the concert was a feast of various genres, from the hit songs such as “Smoothie,” “ISTJ,” and “Broken Melodies,” which maximized the intensity with a large-scale military dance, to the powerful and bright energy of “Arcade,” “We Go Up,” and “Bungee,” and the sweet harmonies of “Breathing,” “Unknown,” and “Never Goodbye.

In addition to brightening up the Tokyo night with their silver Japanese release “Moonlight,” NCT DREAM also unleashed a three-hour explosion of energy with their eye-catching b-boy performance “Skateboard,” fan interaction with “Tangerine Love (Favorite),” “Yogurt Shake,” and “Dream Run,” and an encore section that concluded with “Hello Future,” “Candy,” and the poignant “Like We Just Met.”

The 100,000-strong crowd not only lit up the Tokyo Dome with fan lights to create a spectacular wave of pearl neo champagne (NCT’s official color), but also welcomed the members to the Tokyo Dome with a chorus of “기다렸어 어서 와” during “Hello Future,” and responded to every moment of the performance with generous cheers and chants.

After their first Tokyo Dome concert, NCT DREAM said, “It’s a new feeling to be at Tokyo Dome for our first solo concert. We thought we wouldn’t be nervous, but we were more nervous than we thought, and we were touched by the beautiful fans who filled the seats. They enjoyed it more than we did, so we were able to finish the concert in style by receiving NCTzen’s energy. The Tokyo Dome concert is just the beginning, so we are excited to move on to bigger stages in the future,” they said.