WayV, 'Give Me That', the love emotion in new song


WayV (威神V) presents a variety of love emotions💓

According to SM Entertainment on the 27th, WayV‘s Korean song “She A Wolf” from their upcoming album is a hip-hop dance song with a hip-hop rhythm and rich harmonies that create a colorful sound. The intro that leads you into a dream and the outro that wakes you up from a dream add to the immersive feeling of the song, and the lyrics are impressive as they express the dangerous state of falling into an irreversible state by comparing the other person with a mysterious charm and lonely atmosphere to a wolf.

In addition, “Might As Well,” a hip-hop dance song that expresses the longing for the other person and the conviction that they will be together like the future they saw in their dreams, “Don’t Get Mad,” an R&B song that incorporates a heartfelt message to appease the jealousy of a lover, and “New Ride,” an R&B pop song that romantically captures the excitement of a drive with a loved one under the moonlight.

Meanwhile, WayV’s fifth mini-album “Give Me That” will be released on June 3 at 6 p.m. and consists of six songs, including the Korean-Chinese version of the title track “Give Me That.”