Block B ZICO Releases MV Trailer for "SPOT!"


Collaboration with BLACKPINK JENNIE

Block B’s ZICO is making a comeback.

A music video trailer for the digital single “SPOT! (feat. JENNIE)” was released. Through this video, part of the sound and dance of the new song was revealed, and featured artist JENNIE of BLACKPINK also made an appearance.

The killing point of the trailer is ZICO’s rap. The making of the recording room was shown earlier, and Jenny sang the chorus, but ZICO’s part was unveiled this time. The powerful yet rhythmical rap and the melody layered with analog synthesizers blend together to leave a strong impression.

ZICO and Jenny sang the song while making eye contact with each other and enjoying a late-night drive, showing a relaxed atmosphere as if they were best friends.

The dance was a surprise in this trailer, especially the groovy movements of the dancers dancing side by side with each other. Following “Any Song” and “New thing (Prod. ZICO) (Feat. Homies)” which caused a challenge syndrome, the short form is attracting attention to see if it will cause a boom again.

The digital single “SPOT! (feat. JENNIE)” will be released on the 26th of this month at 6 pm.