Xdinary Heroes showed off their youthful energy.


Xdinary Heroes Release 1st Full Album “Troubleshooting” Group & Unit Concept Photos

Xdinary Heroes will release their first full album “Troubleshooting” on April 30. They released individual concept photos and spoiler videos of Jooyeon, Jun Han, O․de, Gaon, Jungsu, and Gun-il on their official SNS channel, followed by unit and group photos at midnight on April 25.

In the unit concept photo, Gun-il and O․de showed their presence under the night sky, Jungsu and Jooyeon looked at the camera with intense eyes, and Gaon and Jun Han created a romantic mood, highlighting the special chemistry between the members. The group photo was a perfect example of the six members’ charms. The group photo combined the charms of the six members, completing the shining image of youth. In particular, the phrases “WE ARE ALL HEROES,” “ROCK SPIRIT,” and “FOLLOW YOUR HEART” in the gorgeous graffiti on the wall, expressing the “rock band” Xdinary Heroes, caught the eye. The band’s first full-length album, “Troubleshooting.

Their first full-length album “Troubleshooting” includes the title track “Young, Embarrassed and Stupid,” “No Matter,” “UNDEFINED,” “Paint It,” “Money On My Mind,” “Dreaming Girl,” “until the end of time,” Walking to the Moon,” “MONEYBALL,” and “Fireworks Night. All members participated in the production of all the songs, boasting even more upgraded music and personalities.

The title track, “Juvenile, Embarrassingly Silly,” blends a fresh band sound with lyrical melodies and heartfelt lyrics, and was first released at the “Closed ♭eta: v6.0” solo concert held from the 19th to the 21st, where it received a great response.

Xdinary Heroes will release their first full-length album “Troubleshooting” on April 30 at 6 p.m., spurring them on as “music heroes.”