ZEROBASEONE releases MVfor pre-release song SWEAT


ZEROBASEONE delivered fresh energy… Focus on the fresh energy!

ZEROBASEONE pre-released the sound and music video of “SWEAT” from their 3rd mini-album “You had me at HELLO” at 6 p.m. on the 24th.

The song is a dance number in the house genre with an attractive synth melody and R&B vocal introduction.

The song is about a moment in the scorching sun where you forget everything and just dance with “you.” The unique vocals of the nine members blend with the refreshing melody, creating a synergistic effect.

The song, which heightened the sense of immersion from the introduction, produced a sense of coolness with lyrics such as “Pouring Sunlight Sipping lemonade Soaking Time Yeah yeah yeah” and “Blowing Music Awakens the senses / You and me in step And I feel alive Boom boom boom boom yeah”. The lyrics, “Oh baby I’m soaked in time” and “Yeah yeah yeah.

Also, the lyrics “Oh baby I’ll make you SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT Burn it up in your hands Turn it up Oh baby I wanna Sway sway sway sway Dive into you Follow me like this The lyrics “Every day” highlighted the theme and atmosphere of the song.

The phrase “Brrrup ba ba ba dum Badup ba ba ba dum Melting in that sun Dancing with me” repeated from the introduction gives the song a highly addictive quality.

The members flexibly shifted back and forth between their natural voices, high and low tones, and expressed their individuality, while their addictive hooks and early-summer moods attracted fans.

ZEROBASEONE will release their 3rd mini-album on May 13th and will be actively working after the comeback with the first song “SWEAT”.