&TEAM's first original variety show to start


&TEAM’s first original variety show to be distributed once a week on YouTube, starting on the 500th anniversary of their debut.

HYBE LABELS JAPAN’s 9-member global group &TEAM will start their first original variety show “Go ONE! MEET&LINK” (every Thursday at 8:00 pm) on YouTube starting on the 25th.

The new program, which will start on the 500th anniversary of his debut as a special present for LUNE (E=LUNE with acute accent, &TEAM’s fan name), is based on the theme of “meeting and connecting with LUNE people who always support &TEAM and with new LUNE people, The theme of the new program is “Meet and Connect with LUNE who always support &TEAM and new LUNE. Nine members will challenge various variety projects.

In the teaser video released on YouTube at midnight, a meeting to decide the name of the first original variety show is revealed, with each of the nine members making a series of unusual remarks full of their own personality.

Then, all the members cheerfully announce the name of the program “Go ONE!!!! MEET&LINK”, which was decided by all the members. A preview of the first episode was also shown, raising expectations for &TEAM’s first original variety show. The title of the program is derived from the call to action that the &TEAM members make in a circle before going on stage.