RIIZE talks about their new song "Impossible"


RIIZE takes on a new challenge with new song “Impossible” “If we go forward with the same dream, we can make the impossible possible.”

At 6 p.m. today (18th), RIIZE released the prologue single “Impossible” through various music distribution sites.

Impossible” is a pop number with a rhythmic house beat and mysterious synth sounds. The lyrics of the song express the message, “What you think is impossible is not impossible the moment you work together toward the same dream.

RIIZE’s new song is infused with their passion for their dreams and their trust in each other. The members shared the key points of their new song, which has been attracting a lot of attention with their house music and house dance moves.

–What was your impression of “Impossible” when you first heard it? Please introduce the points of appreciation.

ANTON: First of all, the house beat was pleasing to my ears, and most importantly, it was easy to listen to. If “Love 119” was a perfect song for winter, “Impossible” would be suitable for the current warmer season. The highlight of the show was the house dance performance. The dance break at the end is cool, and the house drum beat that plays throughout the song is great, so listen to it a lot.

–When would you like people to listen to “Impossible”?

SOHEE: “Impossible” is really a good song to listen to anytime, not because it is our song, but if I had to pick one timing for BRIIZE (the name of our official fan club), it would be when I am exercising. The fast, breathless beat would go well with a running machine, so be sure to listen to “Impossible” while running (laughs).

–I heard that you also took house dance lessons for this performance. How was it?

WONBIN: I was looking forward to it because I thought I could show my growth as RIIZE while learning new things. I also thought that SHOTARO, who has been dancing for a long time and has a solid foundation, would be a good fit for house dancing, and EUNSEOK, who has quick steps and is light on his feet, would be good at it.

–You mentioned that “Impossible” was more difficult than “Siren” in terms of performance. Do you also have a KILLING POINT (a fascinating part that grabs your heart)?

SHOTARO: I had learned a little house dancing as a child, but this was the first time we all tried it together, so I think I struggled a bit to get used to the gestures that use a lot of legs and to keep my balance. Still, I enjoyed the time we spent taking lessons and getting the hang of it. I think the killing point in the performance was the fact that we could enjoy the novel and new RIIZE.

–What part of the music video for “Impossible” would you like people to pay attention to? Also, any memorable episodes during the filming?

EUNSEOK: We filmed in Lisbon, Portugal, and I hope you will focus on RIIZE’s house dance that blends well with the wonderful atmosphere of Lisbon. There are many memorable episodes, but the most memorable one was when the members and I went on a yacht not for a music video but for another shoot. The weather was nice and the scenery we saw from the yacht was beautiful. What kind of footage it is is still a secret, but you can look forward to many of them being released in the future!

–RIIZE’s own genre of “Emotional Pop” expresses the various emotions of the members through music. What emotions did you feel while preparing “Impossible”?

SUNGCHAN: “Impossible” is a song that perfectly fits the phrase “nothing is impossible”, and it is a song that prepares us for our activities after our first fan concert in May and our first mini album in June. This song will help us to prepare ourselves to run with only our eyes on each other in the future. Especially, the message that if we share the same dream, the impossible will become possible, I think it represents the feelings of RIIZE.

–Finally, please give a few words to BRIIZE.

SHOTARO: You can enjoy RIIZE’s new challenges in this song, so please expect a lot! I am nervous because it has been a while since my comeback, but I am happy because I will be able to meet BRIIZE, whom I have wanted to see so much! I will try my best to have fun and not get overly excited on stage (laughs).

EUNSEOK: We will be meeting you at the newly challenged house music through “Impossible”. We will show you the grown-up RIIZE, so please give us a lot of support!

SUNGCHAN: We are making a comeback with our new song “Impossible. I hope many of you will enjoy it, BRIIZE!

WONBIN: We are looking forward to seeing how you feel the RIIZE style of house music. We have prepared so hard, and we want to make BRIIZE proud by finishing everything well, including the music, the stage, and the video. Please expect a lot from us.

SOHEE: BRIIZE~, RIIZE has already made their third comeback with “Impossible” (since “Talk Saxy” and “Love 119”)! We have prepared another cool performance, so please watch us warmly! Gimme that beat!

ANTON: I am so happy and thrilled to be back in front of BRIIZE with a new look, and I hope you, BRIIZE members, can feel RIIZE’s diverse colors and charms while listening to “Impossible”. Please look forward to it…BRIIZE, we love you!