THE RAMPAGE NEW SINGLE "CyberHelix" will be released on May 8!


“CyberHelix”, the theme song for “THE RAMPAGE LIVE TOUR 2024 ‘CyberHelix’ RX-16,” which starts in April, will be released in May!

The song expresses THE RAMPAGE’s determination to create new entertainment by fusing the DNA of 16 members and evolving to bring change to the world!

The coupling includes “Let’s Go Crazy,” the theme song for THE RAMPAGE’s terrestrial crown program “RUN! RUN! RAMPAGE X,” which aired on Nippon Television in the fall of 2023! “Let’s Go Crazy” will also be used as the TV commercial song for Tokyo Interior!

The MV disc of the product with video will include the MUSIC VIDEO of “CyberHelix” and the making of the MV, and the RRRX disc will include all 9 episodes of “RUN! RUN! RAMPAGE X.”

And all the latest visuals of “CyberHelix” are unveiled!
The current 16 members are represented in black, and the 16 members after their evolution are represented in white!

“CyberHelix” will begin streaming and downloading on April 5 at midnight, and the music video will be released on the same day at 9:00 p.m.
Please look forward to more information!