NCT DREAM finally made a great come back with “Smoothie”🍇🍓


NCT DREAM is devouring the charts with their new album ‘DREAM( )SCAPE’.

“Smoothie” is a hip hop dance song in which the 808 bass line, snare rhythm, and repetitive chanting create a charming grooviness. The song wittily conveys the positive and confident message of taking the cold gaze of the world and the negative feelings about oneself and blending them into a smoothie that they can drink.

The title track of NCT DREAM’s new album, “Smoothie,” which was released on the 25th, not only topped the Melon HOT100 and Bucks, but also dominated various music charts, including the lineup of songs, proving once again the power of NCT DREAM.

In addition, the new album “DREAM( )SCAPE” topped the daily charts of major domestic music charts such as Hanteo Chart, Yes24, and CIRCLE CHART Retail Album, and topped the daily album chart of Japan’s Recochoku and the real-time surge chart of AWA.

Furthermore, NCT DREAM’s new album topped the K-pop charts that combine streaming data, album sales, and popularity indexes of five platforms under Tencent Music in China, including QQ Music, Kugou Music (酷狗音乐), Kouhou Music, Kowo Music (酷我音乐), and JOOX, and topped the digital album sales charts of QQ Music and Kugou Music, garnering enthusiastic responses from global fans.

NCT DREAM’s new album “DREAM( )SCAPE” is organically composed of six songs, including the title track “Smoothie,” which empathizes with the wanderlust and pain of youth and delivers a message of comfort, and is loved by fans around the world.