JO1 and INI named adidas Sportswear Ambassadors!


adidas Japan has announced the appointment of JO1 and INI as adidas Sportswear ambassadors.
adidas Sportswear is a daily-use label that combines stylish details and uncompromising comfort with the performance technology of the adidas sports brand.

The concept of adidas sportswear resonates with JO1 and INI’s much-loved individuality and affinity with sports, which led to their appointment as ambassadors of the label. INI will appear in the key visuals for the SPRING COLLECTION, which will be launched today, and JO1 will appear in the key visuals for the SUMMER COLLECTION, which will be launched in April, and the campaign will be carried out. Both groups will continue to be featured in future seasonal campaigns.

In addition, a campaign will be prepared for those who purchase eligible SPRING COLLECTION products to win original goods from adidas and INI. Those who purchase eligible products will be able to win a trading card featuring a group photo of the members, an original MOVIE, and a large-size poster with printed autographs.


The SPRING COLLECTION, for which INI will be the main visual designer, will feature a collection of items perfect for spring under the concept of “one outfit to take you out into the spring. The SPRING COLLECTION, featuring INI’s main visual, will offer a collection of items that are perfect for spring. In addition, customers who purchase eligible items on or after March 14, 2024 (Thursday) will receive limited original goods as a present.
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