THE BOYZ is counting down for their comeback!!


On February 4th, THE BOYZ released the comeback schedule for their 2nd full-length album “PHANTASY” Pt. 3 “Love Letter” through their official channel, raising expectations for their new album to be released on the 18th.

The schedule image, which was first released as a preview image for “Love Letter,” showed a different atmosphere from the conceptual and intense charm that THE BOYZ has shown so far, hinting at a change. In addition, the title song has been decided to be “Nectar”.

According to the comeback schedule, THE BOYZ will release a variety of contents starting with the concept photo release on the 5th, including a character clip of the song “Hurt Me Less,” a film, and a trailer for the title track “Nectar.

From “Christmas In August,” a “real romance fantasy,” to “Sixth Sense,” an enchanting “dark fantasy,” the album will feature a wide variety of colors. THE BOYZ proved their overwhelming power by performing well in domestic and international music source, album, global charts, award ceremonies, and music programs.

This spring, fans around the world are eagerly anticipating whether THE BOYZ’s new album “Love Letter,” which evokes a surge of emotion, will once again make an impact on the music world.

THE BOYZ’s second full-length album “PHANTASY” Pt. 3 “Love Letter” will be released on March 18 at 6 p.m. through major music distribution sites.