CUBE Entertainment launches new boy group NOWADAYS


After 8 years since PENTAGON! 

CUBE Entertainment is launching a new boy group.

March 4th, CUBE Entertainment opened the official channel of the new boy group NOWADAYS and released the group name and logo motion video.

The released video contains graphics that fill the space between “NOW,A” and “DAYS” with a variety of expressions such as “CURIOUS,” “DREAMY,” and “YOUTHFUL,” foretelling their endless charm.

The bouncing beats and thumping sounds also captivate the ear, and the spaces between the words narrow, completing the group’s name, “NOWADAYS,” and further raising expectations for their debut.

NOWADAYS is the first five-member boy group to be unveiled by CUBE Entertainment in eight years, since the debut of PENTAGON in 2016. Aside from the group’s name and number of members, other detailed information is still under wraps, which has increased interest in the group.

In addition, the group has been promoting themselves through QR posters all over Seoul prior to the event, attracting a lot of attention from K-pop fans. Above all, as a group that their agency, CUBE Entertainment, has been preparing for several years, they have proven their keen interest even before their official debut, and their future activities are attracting a lot of attention.

NOWADAYS is spurring their preparations with the goal of debuting in the first half of the year.