Number_i gives a first greeting at their first terrestrial TV appearance

confessing their pre-live routine & the group’s strengths

Number_i (Sho Hirano, Yuta Jinguji, and Yuta Kishi) appeared on NHK’s music program “Venue 101” (10:55 pm) on the 2nd. This was the group’s first TV appearance.

On this day, the program was extended to include live performance by Number_i, ATEEZ, TWS, and THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE, who appeared on the program for the first time, as well as a cross-talk session on the theme of dance vocal groups.

When the three members appeared on the wipe at the beginning of the program, fans expressed their excitement on SNS, saying “I’m so excited for my first TV performance,” “I’m getting nervous,” and “The three of them are on the wipe! I’m getting nervous,” and “The three of them are in the wipe!

There were 31 performers, the largest number in the program’s history. As each group gave their familiar greetings, the three members nervously said, “I’m Number_i, nice to meet you! They smiled with relief when Hamaie from Kamaitachi, the MC, said, “You looked like you had to do something, but you are fine as usual.

During the talk, Kishi was asked about their live routine, to which he replied, “I’m sorry to be so ordinary,” and added, “Iced café latte and natto. All the members make sure to put this in their drinks. We also have it in the catering. Natto nourishes your energy. It gives you stamina. I also take caffeine with my latte,” he said in a “typical” way.

In a “typical” manner, he said, “What is your strong point that others can’t beat? Hirano answered, “A positive attitude, stupidity, and a spirit of challenge. He laughed and said, “There should be at least one decent member, but there isn’t. But because of that, we can take on challenges without fear.

■Artists’ Performance Songs
THE RAMPAGE “100degrees”
TWS “plot twist”
Number_i “GOAT”