WayV appears in the fashion magazine ARENA HOMME+

WayV Talks about the Group’s Characteristics:
“Speaking Various Languages Expands the Realm of Music”

WayV released a photogravure through the fashion magazine “ARENA HOMME+”. Unfortunately, member WINWIN was unable to participate in the photo shoot due to a drama shooting schedule, but KUN, TEN, XIAOJUN, HENDERY, and YANGYANG talked about everything from when they first dreamed of becoming singers to their future goals.

First, KUN, the leader of the group, said, “The members are the only ones who can tell me their shortcomings. We try to have such time frequently to point out each other’s shortcomings and help each other solve them,” he revealed. He also said that WayV’s standard dinner menu is hot pot and pork belly.

TEN, who hails from Bangkok, Thailand, shared his feelings about his upcoming Asian tour of fan concerts. I wanted this concert to feel like we were at a festival,” he said. An atmosphere where everyone can enjoy the music together, rather than just watching a live concert. With that in mind, we were very careful with the lighting and stage setup. When the fans go home, I want them to feel “refreshed! I want them to feel that when they go home.

XIAOJUN, who majored in musicals in college, said of musicals he would like to try in the future, “Among musicals, I love ‘Big Fish. It is a famous film directed by Tim Burton, and Edward Bloom, who played the main character and father in the film, is the first person that comes to mind. Edward, as seen in the audience, is a complex character in many ways. That is the kind of character I would love to try my hand at in that respect.”

HENDERY, a video game enthusiast, said, “I actually have a dream. To write the theme song for the “League of Legends” World Championship! I think it is the dream of every musician who likes “League of Legends. It’s vague, but it’s one of the dreams I want to fulfill,” he said.

YANGYANG talked about what is special about WayV. The members of WayV speak a variety of languages, including Chinese, English, Korean, and Thai. The more diverse the language, the more diverse the music. There are certain emotions that are better conveyed in certain languages, and I think the variety of languages we use expands the scope of our music as well.

The interview and photogravure of WayV’s candid appearance can be found in the March issue of “ARENA HOMME+.