&TEAM's NICHOLAS makes his first solo cover!


Appearing in the Spring 2024 issue of “CREA”…Back to his hometown, Taiwan, for the first time in 3 years!

The spring 2024 issue of “CREA” will go on sale on March 7.

Since its first issue in 1989, “CREA” has been published as a one-theme magazine targeting women with inquisitive minds. The Spring 2024 issue of the magazine will feature a 90-page feature on “You have to go to Taiwan. Taiwan, the second most popular overseas travel destination after South Korea and evolving healthier after the Corona disaster, is covered in-depth for the first time in four years.

The cover and front page gravure feature NICHOLAS, a Taiwanese member of &TEAM, a global group that debuted as the first artist from HYBE LABELS JAPAN, a subsidiary of HYBE, which also includes BTS (Bulletproof Youth Team) and SEVENTEEN. The 21-year-old is touring around Taiwan with NICHOLAS, who is returning to his hometown for the first time in three years.

Hsinchu, a city in the suburbs of Taipei, is called the “Silicon Valley of Taiwan,” while the old town still retains a charming atmosphere. The Ningxia Night Market, a favorite of Taipei locals. And 507, the underground passageway of the Banqiao Railway Station, where NICHOLAS himself danced until he moved to Korea at the age of 17.

In an interview, he said, “I think the most attractive thing about Taiwan is the people. Everyone is kind and free. They accept various cultures. I grew up in such an environment, which is why I am where I am today.

As if to back up NICHOLAS’s words, during the photo shoot at the 507 underground passageway of the Banbashi Railway Station, his friends who used to dance with him showed up with insulated bags filled with bean-flour dumplings, tapioca drinks, and homemade side dishes that they had prepared for the film crew.

In addition, as a bound-in supplement, a SPECIAL PHOTO CARD “&TEAM NICHOLAS in Taiwan” was produced, which records NICHOLAS’ first days in Taiwan in three years on 12 double-sided color cardboard photo cards. The card also includes some shots taken by NICHOLAS himself, who enjoys photography.

In addition, a four-page project to explore the world of her work with Taiwanese manga artist and illustrator Gao Yen, whose “Green Song – Gathering Group Wind” has attracted much attention, is also included in this issue. The illustrations drawn for this issue, depicting scenes of her beloved Taiwanese city, are a must-see.