TEMPEST has released some of the lyrics to their new song


TEMPEST reveals some of the lyrics to the title track “LIGHTHOUSE”…LEW & Hwarang participate in writing the lyrics.

They posted two lyric posters of their 5th mini-album “TEMPEST Voyage” through their official channel at midnight on February 29.

The released posters show the lyrics of the title track “LIGHTHOUSE” and the song “There”. Each is eye-catching with white fabric reminiscent of sparkling waves and sails at dusk, giving the viewer a sense of the song’s atmosphere.

First, the poster for the title track “LIGHTHOUSE” contains the lyrics, “Anchor down, you’re already for me, you’re not afraid / Paradise, Entice, secretly guide you LIGHTHOUSE.” It shows TEMPEST’s determination to be a bright shining light like a lighthouse.

In particular, “LIGHTHOUSE” includes lyrics written by members LEW and Hwarang, and tells the story of TEMPEST, which has grown even bigger through growing pains.

In the song “There,” the lyrics, “Every day, every moment, even the smallest sigh becomes precious / Wherever you are, I’LL BE THERE,” give a deep lingering feeling.

TEMPEST’s first new album in six months, “TEMPEST Voyage,” is the finale to the “Storm” series and contains TEMPEST beginning their voyage into the wider world. They plan to showcase more maturity through their droll and sophisticated music and performances.

Their 5th mini album “TEMPEST Voyage” will be released on March 11 at 6 p.m. through various music distribution sites.