NCT WISH has unveiled a energetic performance


NCT WISH releases debut song “WISH” performance video! Overflowing with energy

The performance video for NCT WISH’s debut song “WISH,” which was released in Korea on March 2, shows their performance set to refreshing music.

The video features white costumes and a background reminiscent of a temple, in keeping with the cupid concept of their debut song, and the dynamic camera and lighting effects enhance the lively performance of the members, which has received positive reactions.

“WISH” is a medium-tempo dance number based on old-school hip-hop. The dynamic and powerful composition of the choreography and the performance, which is harmonized with the point movements of praying for a wish, is loved for its charm that fits the energetic atmosphere of the song perfectly.

NCT WISH will hold “NCT WISH’s WISHLIST” at 8 p.m. on March 4 at MasterCard Hall in Blue Square, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, to share their thoughts on their debut and various stories related to the single, while performing their debut song “WISH” on stage and having a good time with their fans. The event will be held at MasterCard Hall in Sukhae.