ENHYPEN and Pokemon collaborate again


ENHYPEN and Pokemon collaborate again with a video of them dancing to “POKEDANCE” to commemorate Pokemon Day

Global group ENHYPEN released a video of them dancing “POKEDANCE” to commemorate Pokemon Day (February 27) at 3:30 p.m. on February 27 as a new initiative with “Pokemon.” The video shows the members in their natural state enjoying the rhythmical dance.

“Pokemon Day” is recognized by the Japan Anniversary Association as the day of the beginning of Pokemon, and the latest Pokemon information is announced every year. This year, “POKEDANCE” was released as one of the contents to promote Pokemon Day. 27 “Partner Pokemon,” the symbol of Pokemon, are dancing together to a song. The “POKEDANCE” video danced by ENHYPEN is a special version in which Pokémon from each generation and several members of the group are connected by a scene in which they dance together. and a few members of each generation of Pokémon.

ENHYPEN has been working with Pokemon in the past, releasing a new song “One and Only” last July through Pokemon’s music project, “Pokemon Music Collective,” and creating a buzz with its pop appearance in a music video with Pokemon. They has also left many memories with Pokemon, such as performing with Pikachu on the “One and Only” stage at “SUMMER SONIC 2023” in August and his second world tour “ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR ‘FATE.” ENHYPEN said, “I’m very happy to be able to work with Pokemon again, and I hope ENGENE (ENHYPEN’s fandom name) will enjoy dancing with Pokemon as well.

ENHYPEN, who last year embarked on their world tour “FATE” and are making great strides among K-pop boy groups by becoming the first K-pop group to perform at Tokyo Dome since their debut, will be holding an encore performance “ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR ‘FATE PLUS’ in Seoul, Korea, from February 23 to 25, and will be joined by their fans from all over the world. FATE PLUS in Seoul, Korea from February 23 to 25, followed by “FATE PLUS” in five cities in the U.S. from April to May, ENHYPEN is expected to further increase its global popularity.