D-LITE to release his new single "Falling Slowly"


Trailer Image for his New Single
“Falling Slowly”

BIGBANG’s D-LITE will release new single “Falling Slowly” on March 5.

On February 26, a preview image of “Falling Slowly” was released through the official SNS. The image shows him looking at the camera with a languid gaze in a warm yellow-toned mood.

He is especially well-dressed in black, and his wavy hair blends well with his unique and reserved look, attracting the attention of many fans.

The music video for “Falling Slowly” features actor Kim Sung-ho and actress Moon Ka-young. In the previously released coming-of-age image, the two show off their exceptional visual chemistry. The two are co-starring in the JTBC drama “Urachacha Waikiki 2” in 2019, so expectations are high due to their synergy.

D-LITE has successfully performed as a solo artist, performing a variety of genres from trot (Korean traditional song) to ballads. Last year, he showed off his more mature sensibility through the special single “Flowing Down.”