TAEYONG made a comeback with his new album "TAP"


The music video was shot in Tokyo…
“I was happy to have the style I like.”

The new album was released yesterday (26th) at 6 p.m. through various music distribution sites, and the music video for the title track “TAP” was released at the same time.

The title track “TAP” is a hip-hop genre song with unique appeal, and the highly addictive rap that flows with the sound of various instruments doubled the fun of listening. It depicts a man who appears to be uninterested in his partner, but is secretly interested in him, giving the audience a sense of his unique and witty charm.

–This is your first comeback in about 8 months since your solo debut, your 2nd mini-album “TAP” was released, how do you feel about it?
TAEYONG: The new album is an album that contains more diversity and honesty of my thoughts and feelings than my first solo album. I think you will see a more matured version of me than before. I didn’t intend for it to consist entirely of songs I wrote, but thanks to the A&R staff and managers who said they were good songs, I was able to include a lot of them. I was very happy to be recognized by the people I like (laughs). I have always asked myself what kind of artist “TAEYONG the artist” is, and to find the answer to this question, I focused on showing “TAEYONG the artist. In order to find the answer to this question, I focused on showing “Artist TAEYONG” and I believe that the new album will be the answer to this question.

–If you had to describe the new album with one keyword, what would it be?
TAEYONG: “Result. I dreamed and worked hard in my 20s, and the results are contained in the new album.

–Please introduce the title track “TAP”. Also, please tell us why you chose this song as the title track.
TAEYONG: The title track is a hip-hop song with a unique charm that makes you feel lighter and better the more you listen to it. In the lyrics, I expressed in a cute way how you don’t seem to be interested in the other person, but you are secretly interested in him or her. Also included in the lyrics is the message to live life as openly and proudly as you want. Since spring is already approaching, we decided on the title track with the hope that many people will be happy to listen to it casually.

–The title song is a song that I hope many people will be happy to hear as spring is approaching. What are the highlights of your performance of the title track?
TAEYONG: First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Lee Rijung for creating a wonderful performance. The so-called “narti” gesture expressed with hand gestures is the point of the dance. Please look forward to seeing them on stage, where you can see them in their free-spiritedness!

–Are there any songs that you are particularly attached to, as all the songs are important because they are TAEYONG’s stories?
TAEYONG: “Moon Tour”. I usually like to imagine things I can’t see and places I can’t go, but this song started from a pure idea of wanting to travel to the moon, and I created each song as I imagined it, so it is somewhat special and attached to me.

–What are the highlights of the music video for the title track? Also, please tell us about any episodes that were impressive to you during the filming.
TAEYONG: We filmed in Tokyo, and it was fun to collaborate with the members of TSUBAKILL. We also shot in various locations, and I remember being happy throughout the shoot because it was the style I liked. I want you to concentrate on the various styling that changes depending on the location. It should be interesting to watch!

–You also held your first solo concert prior to the release of the album, what was the part you put special effort into?
TAEYONG: In addition to the title songs such as the new songs “TAP” and “SHALALA,” I prepared the songs from the album and the music I created so that you can fully enjoy them in various senses. I put a lot of effort into the performance because I wanted to show the story that goes with each song together. Since the stage had a story, I thought it would be nice if the performance itself felt like a movie.

–Are there any reactions you are expecting through the new album?
TAEYONG: I would like to hear people say, “TAEYONG was such a cool artist. It was not an easy task, so much so that it took me 10 long years to write all the songs for the album. I have been whipping myself into shape in a certain way. Therefore, I feel that just the release of the “TAP” album was a turning point for me, a turning point that gave me a sense of pride and trust in myself. I hope that many people will listen to the story of “Artist TAEYONG” and share it with me.

–What are your plans for the new album and what goals do you hope to achieve?
TAEYONG: My goal is to show my various appearances to the fullest extent through the new album. I will be very happy and contented if all the contents, from the preview images, trailers, highlight medleys, and the album, receive a positive response from the fans. My goal is to become even closer to my fans. I get a lot of strength from my fans every day, so it would be great if I could become someone they want to see every day and listen to my music every day.

–I hope that my fans want to see me every day and listen to my music every day.
TAEYONG: Thanks to everyone at Czennie, the album that I have been working and preparing for 10 years is finally released. I hope Czennie likes it as much as I do, and I wish you lots of positive energy as you start the year 2024 with me. Stay healthy, injury free and happy Czennie, I love you always!