Snow Man' Ren Meguro, "The Man Loved by Fendi"

Talks about His Show in Milan

Meguro is the first Japanese man to be appointed as FENDI’s Japan Men’s Brand Ambassador. He appears on the cover wearing an elegant jacket woven with the iconic logo from Fendi’s latest collection.

The magazine also includes a fashion feature article entitled “Ren Meguro: The Man Loved by Fendi. The magazine shows a rich variety of coordinated outfits, including light shorts, sexy suits, leather jackets, and long coats that remind us of the arrival of spring. In addition, a long interview about his first participation in the “Fendi Fall-Winter 2024-25 Men’s Collection” show held in Milan, Italy, in January of this year, is also included. Meguro talks about the runway, the reaction of the local fans, the night in Milan, the heated talk he had with one of the members, and other precious episodes.

This issue also features “Shunsuke Michieda’s bullet SEOUL TRIP!”, which follows Shunsuke Michieda (Naniwa Danshi) as he travels around Seoul, Korea. The article closely follows Michieda’s favorite city and what he wanted to do there. Also included are off-shots and interviews from the cover shoot of Michieda and JEONGHAN (SEVENTEEN) that took place in the previous issue.