TXT Releases Special Video of "Blue Orangeade"


 Special Video of “Blue Orangeade,” a Song from Debut Album

TOMORROW X TOGETHER is thrilling their fans with various contents.

On the 27th, a special video of “Blue Orangeade” was posted on their official YouTube channel. This was produced as part of the “2024 DREAM WEEK” event celebrating the 5th anniversary of their debut. They released special videos for “Drama” in 2022 and “Happy Fools (TOMORROW X TOGETHER Ver.)” in 2023. This year, the group will look back on their memories of the past by creating “Blue Orangeade,” the first track from their debut album, “Dream Chapter: STAR.”

“Blue Orangeade” is a song that expresses encounters with people who are the polar opposites of themselves, using complementary colors as a metaphor. This special video visually expresses the message of the song with colorful colors and various accessories. The mischievous charm of the five members, who play pranks and show funny expressions, adds to the fun of watching the video. In addition, a section of the lyric video for “Blue Orangeade,” which was released in 2019 at the time of their debut, is also eye-catching in the same way.

Through “2024 DREAM WEEK,” TOMORROW X TOGETHER seem somewhat funny and outlandish, but “We’re happy! On the 25th, TOMORROW X TOGETHER released “Welcome to our house,” an introductory video in the form of a sitcom (situation comedy: a comedy drama that is aired in a series of one-episode episodes). On the 26th, about 70 photos were released. In the photos, the members are enjoying their natural lives and home parties, just like ordinary people their age.

On March 2-3, “2024 TXT FANLIVE PRESENT X TOGETHER” will be held at the Olympic Park Handball Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul. This fan live will consist of a stage that will be open to the public for the first time, a corner that contains special memories, and a corner that requires the unity of the MOA (the name of the fans) and the members.