ASTRO has released a fan song!!


ASTRO celebrates its 8th anniversary! Blitz release of new song “Circles”…special clip with happy moments.

On the 23rd, their agency fantagio announced, “ASTRO will blitz release a special single “Circles” today (23rd) to celebrate the 8th anniversary of their debut.

“Circles” is a new song that ASTRO presents to their fans to commemorate their 8th anniversary. The members express their gratitude to their fans who have walked with them for the past 8 years and hope that their precious memories will stay with them forever. The leader of the group, Jin Jin, wrote the lyrics and composed the song as well as produced it himself.

The special clip of the new song that was released along with the soundtrack contains happy moments from their natural daily life together to the scene of recording, delivering deep emotions to their fans.

ASTRO released new songs for the first time in almost two years since their third full-length album “Drive to the Starry Road” released in 2022. Active in various fields such as acting, variety, and musicals, they commemorated the 8th anniversary of their debut through their new song, and included a promise for the future that they will always have the same synergy and a new start together.

ASTRO’s special digital single “Circles” was released 23rd at 6 p.m. through various music distribution sites.