BTS J-HOPE to release special album in March!


Documentary series including visit to Japan also to be released.

J-HOPE of BTS (Bulletproof Boys’ Troupe), who is currently serving in the military, will release a special album “HOPE ON THE STREET VOL. 1” and a series of documentaries related to the album will be released sequentially starting the day before the album release.

According to BIGHIT MUSIC, J-HOPE’s agency, “HOPE ON THE STREET VOL. 1” will be released on March 29 at 1 p.m. The album is based on street dance, which is the artistic root of J-HOPE. It contains a total of six songs, and will showcase J-HOPE’s growing ability as a solo artist.

J-HOPE has planned a documentary series of the same name as this special album from the beginning. The series will feature both music and videos that share the same theme of “dance” and will express his message in a more three-dimensional way. Before his enlistment, he visited Osaka, Japan; Paris, France; New York, USA; and Seoul and Gwangju, Korea, where he spent a meaningful time interacting with dancers of various genres through “dance. The documentary, “Dance in the World,” was made up of six episodes.

The documentary “HOPE ON THE STREET,” consisting of six episodes, will be available in 240 countries and regions worldwide through TVING and Amazon Prime Video starting at midnight on March 28, with new episodes released every Thursday and Friday.

J-HOPE celebrated his birthday yesterday (March 18) and posted a video titled “‘HOPE ON THE STREET’ COMING SOON” through BTS’s official SNS to announce his new project. Fans all over the world are interested and excited to see what kind of contents he will showcase.