BOYNEXTDOOR Appears in the March Issue of "ELLE KOREA"


BOYNEXTDOOR Appears in the March Issue of “ELLE KOREA”
and Interview Ahead of April Comeback!

The fashion magazine “ELLE KOREA” has released some of BOYNEXTDOOR’s freshly shot cuts and an interview in its March issue. In keeping with the group’s name, “Boys Next Door,” they wore a variety of styling styles, from casual outfits with a sense of primness to cool suits.

In the interview, they revealed their readiness for their comeback in April. The members said, “Since the title track of our last album, ‘But Sometimes,’ we have been thinking a lot about what kind of songs we can perform to become a ‘reliable boynextdoor. (I hope that people who listen to our new songs will feel that we came out prepared and that we are still BOYNEXTDOOR,” they said.

BOYNEXTDOOR, who debuted last May, talked about how they have grown while experiencing various stages. Sung-ho said, “It’s really different when you are on stage,” and Liu talked about the importance of experience, saying, “Before, we used to ask the teachers about every little thing, but now we sometimes complete the stage while talking on our own. Ihan replied, “If you look at all the videos of me on stage from my debut to now, you can see the process of change in my thoughts and abilities.

They then also honestly shared their thoughts and feelings of gratitude for their first awards season, having won a total of eight trophies at awards ceremonies in their debut year. Jaehyun said, “Both me and the group have grown up one level. The pressure of having to do everything we had prepared perfectly was lightened a bit, and we began to enjoy the stage more.”

Tae-sang shared, “In this valuable experience, I was able to experiment with different methods of expression (on stage) while continuously worrying about how to express myself, and I grew technically in many areas. Finally, Unak said, “I felt many things while watching the seniors on stage. I got a glimpse of how they got to this point and how they are a team that presents their stage in a way that made my respect for them even stronger.

You can see the new photos and interview with BOYNEXTDOOR in the March issue of “ELLE KOREA” as well as on the official website and YouTube channel.