WWD KOREA revealed the shot of EXO's SUHO


EXO Suho Thanks Fans: “Being an Encouragement to Someone
is an Encouragement to Myself”

The gravure for this issue is based on the concept of “GEEK CHIC” and captures a new look of Suho that we have never seen before. He impressed the staff with his perfect outfit, ranging from formal suits to various accessories and casual styles.

GEEK CHIC” is a fashion trend recently introduced by NewJeans and BLACKPINK’s Jenny, which means “geek. GEEK” means “geek” and “CHIC” means “sophisticated. The term “unique and chic” is a combination of the words “geek” and “chic,” meaning “sophisticated.

In an interview conducted after the photogravure shoot, he shared his thoughts on appearing in a period drama for the first time and expressed his expectations for MBN’s new weekend drama “Seja is Gone,” which is scheduled to air on March 9. He plays the role of Lee Gong, the heir to the throne (Seja: the king’s heir). “I was familiar with the tone of the dialogue and the background, but since this is my first period drama, I’m studying the characters by watching previous works and discussing a lot with the director on set as we work hard to film,” he said, expressing his love for the work.

He also expressed his appreciation for his fans who have always supported him, saying, “Fans often tell me that they are comforted by me, but when I talk about being able to cheer someone up, it in turn cheers me up.

He also revealed some of his other recent interests and plans for future activities. More interviews and photogravures of Suho can be found in the March issue of “WWD KOREA. In addition, moving covers, interview videos, and making-of films will be released on “WWD KOREA’s” official YouTube, Instagram, and website.