NCT WISH, lucky spell to make wishes come true


NCT WISH, What is the message behind their debut song”WISH”?
Expectations are already high

Their debut single “WISH,” which will be released at 6 p.m. on the 28th of this month through various music distribution sites, will include the title track of the same name and Korean and Japanese versions of the song “Sail Away.

In particular, the title track “WISH” is a medium-tempo dance number based on old-school hip-hop, with an energetic hook, lyrical melody, and cool, emotional vocals that blend together to create an exciting atmosphere.

The lyrics incorporate NCT WISH’s aspiration to move forward with “WISH” into the new future that begins now, showing the colors of the group they will portray and infusing them with feel-good energy.

They will unveil their debut song “WISH” on stage for the first time at “SMTOWN LIVE” to be held at Tokyo Dome on the 21st of this month. Taking the first step to fulfill their debut wish, NCT WISH is expected to captivate fans around the world with their energetic and high-spirited stage performance.