Kamenashi and Miyatate are on the cover of "anan"!

Kazuya Kamenashi and Ryota Miyatate are on the cover!
Good friends and senior/junior duo

Kazuya Kammenashi and Ryota Miyadate, who have a strong bond with each other, appear on the cover of “anan” as “buddies” and take a Purikura-style “zero-distance photo”!

Kazuya Kamenashi of KAT-TUN and Ryota Miyadate of Snow Man are on the cover of “anan” issue 2386 special edition.

The “Kamenate duo” has a strong bond with Miyadate, who has openly declared that he has admired Kamenashi since he was a teenager, and who has watched over Miyadate’s growth and activities since before his debut. The “Kamenashi” duo formed a strong bond with Miyadate and had their first joint performance in the drama “O-oku,” which is currently airing on TV.

In “anan” magazine, Kamenashi and Miyadate were photographed in a black outfit on a gorgeous set reminiscent of the world of “O-OKU”. Miyadate, who appeared first in the studio, posed in a series of poses, but when Kamenashi appeared, he showed his nervousness. In the two-shot, they looked at each other, put their hands on each other’s chins, and posed in awe of each other. They looked stylish in their jackets, as if they were in a noir movie. The two also took a “zero-distance shot” with the selfie shutter button in their hands, which Kamenashi described as “like taking purikura pictures back when I was a student.

During the interview, the two talked about the highlights of “Ooku” and episodes from before their debut. Kamenashi says that when he visited Miyadate’s house where she lived alone, the interior of the room and the inside of the closet were so similar to his own that he thought, “Is this my house? She also reveals information on hair, makeup, and skin care in line with the cosmetics feature in this issue.

Shuya and Takashi of BULLET TRAIN and others participate in “anan”‘s annual “Mote Cosme Grand Prix” feature. Reia Nakamura of 7 MEN SAMURAI will appear in the “CLOSE UP” corner.