Sexy Zone's New Song "Kimi no sei" to be the OP Theme for the Anime


“We hope you will enjoy it”

Four-member group Sexy Zone’s new song “Kimi no sei” has been chosen as the opening theme for the TV anime “Hananoi kun to Koi no Yamai” (Every Thursday at 11:56 p.m., broadcast simultaneously on 28 TBS stations nationwide), which will be released on March 6 and will be included in the single “puzzle.

The anime is a first love story about a girl who does not know what love is and a boy whose love is too heavy, serialized in “Gekkan Dessert” (Kodansha). Hotaru Hinou, a first-year high school student who has never been in love, casually holds out her umbrella to Hananoi, a boy in the next class, and that small incident leads to Hananoi’s public confession, “Please go out with me. The love story between the two is delicately and carefully portrayed.

The opening theme song, “Kimi no seisaku (Because of you),” is a song that accompanies the pure love between the two, and Sexy Zone adds a flowery touch to the story. The anime PV featuring the song has also been released. Sexy Zone, who will be changing their group name on April 1, will use this song to boost the TV anime of the April cool season.

[Sexy Zone Comment]
Thank you very much for choosing Sexy Zone as the opening theme song for “Hananoi kun to Koi no Yamai.”
I had a chance to watch the anime movie, and I thought it was very cool.
The song “Kimi no sei” is exciting, but at the same time, it has a warmth that matches the story of “Hananoi kun to Koi no Yamai” (Hananoi and the Love Disease).
I am of course looking forward to the broadcast of the anime, but I am also really looking forward to our song being played in it.
I hope everyone is looking forward to it.

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