SEVENTEEN Hoshi Donates $67,000 for Youth...

SEVENTEEN Hoshi Donates $67,000 for Youth…
and Overseas Support

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi has once again made a donation.

According to Gyeonggi Hokubu Ai no Mi and his agency Pledis Entertainment, today (July 7), Hoshi donated $67,000 of his Gyeonggi Hokubu Ai to be used for needy children and youths in Korea and abroad.

Gyeonggi Beibu Love actually plans to use the donation for a classroom support project at a national orphan school overseas, reflecting Hoshi and her family’s desire to send out a positive impact not only in Korea, but also overseas.

Hoshi expressed her gratitude to all of her fans who give her so much love and wanted to convey the love she received from everyone through this donation,” and clarified that she will continue to be an artist who makes a positive impact on needy children and youth in Korea and abroad, hoping that they will grow up healthy and happy.

This is not Hoshi’s first donation. Hoshi’s donation to his alma mater in 2020 was the first time he donated to the school, and he has continued to make generous donations in line with his nickname, “Tiger.

In May 2021, on the 6th anniversary of SEVENTEEN’s debut, he made a donation to GoodNeighbors to support children victims of abuse, and in June 2021, on the occasion of his 26th birthday, he donated $67,000 to the Namyangju City Welfare Foundation. When he heard that the prolonged spread of the new coronavirus infection had reduced donations from businesses and individuals, and that more and more people in the community needed a helping hand, he took the initiative to make the donation. With this donation, Hoshi became a member of the Honor Society, a high-donor club of the Fruits of Love.

In addition to this, in November 2021, he sponsored 10,000 coal briquettes for low-income residents in his hometown of Namyangju City; in September 2022, he donated $30,000 worth of books to the Lee Seo-kyung New Media Library, a library specializing in music new media located in Namyangju City.

Donation activities as a member of SEVENTEEN have also been steady. Last year, in cooperation with the Korean Commission for UNESCO, the group held an event in which proceeds from font sales were donated to benefit the educationally vulnerable in Africa and Asia.

Hoshi debuted as a member of SEVENTEEN in May 2015. He has produced many hit songs, starting with his debut song “Adore U” and including “MANSAE”, “Pretty U”, “VERY NICE”, “HIT”, “Left & Right”, “HOME; RUN”, “HOT”, “Super”, and “God of Music”, representing the K-POP industry He has grown into a global artist.

He has also emerged as a solo artist. Hoshi released her first solo mixtape “Spider” in April 2021. By participating in the production process, including songwriting and performance, he demonstrated all of his abilities as a performance leader of SEVENTEEN.