NCT 127 held the third world tour concert in Macau


NCT 127 held a solo concert in Macau! Attracted 23,000 fans with their perfect performance!

The “NCT 127 3RD TOUR ‘NEO CITY : MACAU – THE UNITY” held on February 3 and 4 at GALAXY ARENA in Macau was their first solo concert in Macau. All seats were sold out, and 23,000 audience members attended the two-day event, demonstrating their popularity in the local market.

In this concert, NCT 127 performed not only their worldwide hits such as “Fact Check,” “2 Baddies,” “Hero; Kick It,” “Ay-Yo,” and “Simon Says,” but also a mash-up stage of “Chain” and “Cherry Bomb,” a dreamy arrangement of “Fly Away With Me,” and the orchestral version of “Favorite,” all of which could only be seen on this tour. During encore songs such as “Angel Eyes,” “Be There For Me,” and “Promise You,” they made close eye contact with the audience and expressed their gratitude. The band was a great success.

They performed all of their songs with excellent live performances, flawless execution, and overflowing energy, making their presence known as the “gods of the show. The spectacular stage direction and the VCRs inserted in the right places were in harmony with the stage and enhanced the immersive experience of the performance.

The audience, who had been waiting for NCT 127’s solo concert in Macau, cheered them on with enthusiastic cheers and choruses, and showed their love for the members with slogan events written in Korean, such as “127, the hero of Chirzuni (nickname of NCT 127’s fans)” and “Chirzuni and 127’s story never ends. The event was eye-catching.

NCT 127 will perform at Kyocera Dome Osaka on February 10 and 11.