BTS' V Reveals Why He Filmed...IU's Music Video


“I Thought I Would Regret It”

BTS  member V revealed why he appeared in IU’s “Love wins all” music video.

The video titled “The day I traded great achievements for good health” was released on IU’s YouTube channel (28th).

The video shows IU participating in the music video shoot for her new song “Love wins all”. She says, “I prepared for this with gritted teeth. First of all, the music video was shot by director Om Tae-hwa. He is a very busy person with a schedule of overseas film festivals, but he took charge of this film just because of his enthusiasm,” she said. “Mr. V was also supposed to enlist in the military one week after the shooting date, and despite his impossible schedule, we were lucky enough to manage to make time for him, He shared the behind-the-scenes story of the casting.

He continued, “I feel like I used all the luck I have accumulated in my relationships for this album. I think I was very lucky. I was very surprised and empowered. I am happy to start this year with you two,” he smiled.

Regarding the reason for casting V as the male lead in the music video, he said, “In discussions with director Om Tae-hwa, we said, ‘I want someone who has boyish beauty and looks cool and dependable after he awakens. At first, I thought, ‘Is there really such a person?’ I thought, ‘Is there really such a person? However, I happened to have a chance to get in touch with Mr. V. I thought about it and …… ‘Oh? I thought, ‘Oh?

I sent Mr. V the soundtrack of “Love wins all” first, and he said he liked the song and was happy to allow me to appear in the show. I think it was a unique casting decision.

Standing in front of the “IU TV” camera that day, V asked, “Is it okay if I appear? but introduced himself by saying, “I’m IU’s Big Picture V.” He then decided to appear in a music video.

He then explained why he decided to appear in the music video: “First of all, I thought it would be memorable if I appeared in it because it was directed by Om Tae-hwa, the director of “Concrete Utopia,”” he said. “IU contacted me and said she wanted to listen to the song once. When I listened to it, the song was so much to my liking that I knew I would regret not appearing in the music video,” he explained.

The music video for “Love wins all” is set against the backdrop of an abandoned world. He was very kind and came to the filming site again today, even though he had gone through so much hardship yesterday. I am wondering how I should thank him. I think that this filming is the reason why I will be so grateful to Mr. V from now on,” he laughed.