11 K-Pop Newcomers to Watch in 2024 by GRAMMY


From BOYNEXTDOOR to TWS, Four Teams from HYBE Selected
as “11 K-Pop Rookie Groups to Watch in 2024”

Four new groups from HYBE LABELS have been recognized for their potential as groovy rising stars.

Grammy.com announced the list of “11 Rookie K-Pop Acts To Know In 2024” on its official website on January 26 (local time). The 11 acts include HYBE LABEL’s boy groups BOYNEXTDOOR and TWS, and girl groups I’LL-IT and KATSEYE.

Grammy.com introduced “BOYNEXTDOOR is a boy group produced by Block B’s Jiko, and like the group’s name, they are vibrant and friendly. He continued, “Their albums ‘WHO! are full of fun lyrics and mischievous raps about adolescent love, and they showcase their musical energy,” he added.

He also said of TWS, “Although they are newcomers who have just debuted, all of their music videos have recorded millions of views, making them one of the most anticipated newcomers of the year. He added, “The title track of their first mini-album ‘Sparkling Blue,’ ‘plot twist (first meeting doesn’t go as planned),’ is produced with an exhilarating synth-pop and a hilarious vocal sound, just like the song title.”

And Grammy.com did not overlook the two girl groups from HYBE LABELS, which have yet to debut.

The media outlet said of I’LL-IT, “Although I’LL-IT’s music has not yet been released to the world, they will be an impressive girl group from HYBE LABELS,” and added, “They have already built a notable fandom through the survival program ‘R U Next? They are a five-member girl group that has already built a notable fandom (a group of specific fans) through the survival program “R U Next?” that aired in Korea last year, and will establish themselves as another girl group powerhouse in HYBE after LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans.

Grammy.com added, “KATSEYE was formed through ‘The Debut: Dream Academy,’ a co-production between HYBE AMERICA and Geffen Records. Comprised of members from the United States, Korea, Switzerland, and the Philippines, the six-member group will focus on the American market,” referring to their soon-to-be-released Netflix documentary series.

BABYMONSTER, KISS OF LIFE, NiziU, RIIZE, NCT WISH, tripleS, and VCHA were the other 11 groups selected.

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