WEST. to release their first best album


WEST., celebrating their 10th anniversary, will release their first best album and will hold a 9-city, 33-show arena tour starting at the end of March.

WEST., who will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its CD debut on April 23 this year, will release its first best album “AWARD” on March 13. Details of the album’s contents and an arena tour to commemorate the 10th anniversary were also announced.

In the past, WEST. has given titles such as “W trouble,” “rainboW,” and “POWER” with the initial letter “W” of the group name to symbolically represent the WEST. of the moment. The “W” is still present in the current album, “AWARD”. The only difference is that the Roman numeral “x = 10” is hidden within the letter “W”. In the album logo, the letter “x” is also colored in bright gold to celebrate the 10th anniversary.

The album title was secretly announced in the “WEST. 10th ANNIVERSARY AWARD,” a song poll held on the fan club website after the release of the triple-A side single “Zettai Zetsumei/Beautiful/AS ONE,” released last October 25. Such a casual surprise is typical of WEST. In addition, as in the “AWARD,” DISC3 of the regular disc will include songs that are loved by listeners by soliciting votes for songs under each theme. The songs have not been announced at this stage, but they will be revealed gradually toward the release date.

As befitting the anniversary year, the first edition A, B, and regular editions will be the first three-disc set in the group’s history, and will be super luxurious. All three discs will include all 30 singles released to date, as well as two album lead songs that showcase the group in different ways.

The lead song “AWARD” on “DISC 1” is a glamorous party tune that marks the beginning of the future. On the other hand, “REWARD,” the lead song on “DISC2,” is a cool dance number that expresses the passion to open up the future with one’s own hands. The music video also features two sides of the same coin.

The three forms of the song also include “FICTION,” the theme song for the movie “Aruzasareta Yuki no Sanso de” starring Daiki Shigeoka, which is an ambitious work that challenges dramatic narrative tricks, and “Captain Tsubasa Season 2 Junior Youth Arc,” the opening theme for the TV anime “Captain Tsubasa: Wings to Dream and Power to Flap Your Wings,” a dynamic soccer anthem that will give you the strength to flap your wings and fly. In addition to the dynamic soccer anthem “Fantasista,” the opening theme song for the TV anime “Captain Tsubasa Season 2 Junior Youth Arc,” the album also includes a bonus track that varies from disc to disc.

Its bonus tracks are also lined up with colorful songs that show the wide range of musicality of WEST. The first pressing A includes “Akasataraaraara,” a song written and composed by Shigeoka, which sings about the important feelings found in simple words encountered in everyday life. The first pressing B includes “Anata e”, a fast-moving pop-rock number written, composed, performed, and arranged by Tomohiro Kamiyama, and the regular pressing includes the ending theme song for the TV Tokyo drama “Patisserie MON” featuring Takahiro Hamada (*Hama = variant character), written by Yohei Hashiguchi of wacci. You can enjoy the sweet and sour love song “Ajiwai” created by Yohei Hashiguchi of wacci.

The perks, too, are superlative and luxurious. The first pressing A includes “AWARD”, “REWARD”, “FICTION”, and the song that was voted as the MOST “MV-Wanted” SONG (the song whose music video you want to see) by fans at the end of last year, for a total of 4 music videos, each with its own making-of featurette. The “FICTION” is the first song to be released on the “FICTION” series, which is a fan favorite. FICTION” includes a fan-favorite dance version of the music video.

The first pressing B includes 10 songs performed at “SUMMER SONIC 2023” and the complete version including rehearsals and interviews. In addition, the regular edition includes 7 songs selected in the “WEST. 10th ANNIVERSARY AWARD”, a fan vote held in 2023, and 7 songs selected by the members, as well as “We are WEST!!!!!!! (10th Anniversary Version)” and a total of 50 songs. For more details on the super-luxurious contents, please visit the “AWARD” special site.

Although this best-of album is a compilation of the band’s 10th anniversary, it is more than just a compilation. It is an album that foreshadows a new future, as if to say, “We have a long way to go from here.

Prior to the album release, WEST. will premiere the music video of the lead song “AWARD” on its official YouTube channel “WESTube” on February 4 at 10 p.m., and on February 5 at 10 p.m., the 10th anniversary of the band’s formation, “WESTube Live Broadcast SP: 10 years since the formation of WEST. The “WESTube Live Broadcast SP 10 Years of Formation” is scheduled to begin at 10:00 p.m. on February 5, the 10th anniversary of the band’s formation.

The 10th Anniversary LIVE TOUR AWARD” will be held to deliver the entertainment that WEST. has cultivated over the past 10 years and their gratitude to their fans, starting with a concert at Osaka-jo Hall on March 29. The tour will begin on March 29 at Osaka-jo Hall and continue for 33 arena shows in 9 cities.