MONSTA X Shownu to Walk the New York Fashion Week


“I’ll Do My Best to Use My Personality”

MONSTA X’s Shownu will walk the runway at New York Fashion Week.

Concept Korea” recently released a photogravure taken with Shownu, and reported that he has been selected as an ambassador for the fall/winter 2024 season.

In the photogravure, he is wearing “Concept Korea’s” designer brands “MMAM,” “CHARM’S,” and “KIMMY.J” for the fall/winter 2024 season. He gazed at the camera with intense eyes under the blue lighting, creating a fantastic mood and completing an excellent gravure with his imposing pose.

Shownu, who has been selected as an ambassador for Concept Korea for the fall/winter 2024 season, will participate in the global promotion of the Korean designer brand. He will be working on the runway as a model for “Concept Korea” at the New York Fashion Week fashion show on February 13.

He said, “I am worried that I will look like a child when I stand on the runway with the models. I will try to do well with confidence in the feeling of having a new experience,” he said enthusiastically. When asked about his strengths as a model, he replied, “I think Shownu is unique in what he shows, whether it is in gravure or on stage. I will do my best by making use of my unique personality,” she replied, showing her strong confidence.

He also said that during the New York Fashion Week, a global campaign video featuring him will appear in Times Square in the heart of New York City.
His gravure shoot with “Concept Korea” has attracted a lot of attention from K-pop fans around the world, as he has shown his versatile charm and presence.

The “Concept Korea” fashion show for the fall/winter 2024 season will be held on February 13 at 1 p.m. (local time) at STARRETT LEHIGH in New York City. It will be broadcast live worldwide through the official website of New York Fashion Week and will also be shown on the official YouTube channel of the Korea Creative Content Agency.