Wang Yibo receives rave reviews from the U.S.

“Leading Figure of Asian Hip-Hop Culture,” U.S. Media Praise

Wang Yibo competed in the season 6 finals of the dance battle show “Street Dance of China” held in Macau on March 20! (Wang Yibo), who participated in the Season 6 finals of “Street Dance of China,” a dance battle show that took place in Macau on March 20, has become a hot topic in China after the U.S. media published an article introducing Wang Yibo’s contribution to street dance.

On the day of the competition, Wang Yibo, who was the grand finale of the all-out competition amidst the green cheering colors, performed a dance called “HipHop Forever,” which was viewed more than 100 million times in 24 hours, an astounding record. The team members’ experience also revealed their ability to “master highly difficult moves in just one day and get on stage,” making them major players in the hip-hop world, both in name and in reality.

In response, U.S. media outlet US.News published an article on Wang Yibo titled “Octavius of the Street Dance World” and highly praised his contribution to the hip-hop boom. The article stated, “As the best performer in Asian hip-hop and the driving force behind its boom, Wang Yibo is an outstanding hip-hop artist who is internationally recognized. He has created a hip-hop sensation in Asia and around the world through his dance shows.

It also praised him for getting more children to dance hip-hop, dispelling conservative ideas, and contributing to the spread of hip-hop culture through his interaction with top dancers in Japan and Europe.

The article concluded, “Wang Yibo is a leading figure in influencing hip-hop culture, as Asian culture has become more widely and deeply influential in the world.

When the article was introduced in China, fans commented, “Wang Yibo’s skill and charm in hip-hop are unparalleled,” “It’s a glowing statement, but it’s almost true,” and “The number of videos posted by children dancing hip-hop has increased dramatically. I think it is definitely due to Wang Yibo’s influence.