NCT TEN Releases Trailer Image for 1st Mini Album


NCT’s Ten is making his solo debut with his first mini-album “TEN,” which is sure to attract global fans.

“TEN” contains 6 songs in total, including English songs, and with Ten’s name in the title, you can encounter his unique musical color that only he can showcase.

In addition to his activities with NCT and WayV, Ten has shown his outstanding ability and varied charm regardless of genre through various solo songs such as “Birthday,” “Paint Me Naked,” “New Heroes,” and “Dream In A Dream. As such, expectations are high for his “artistic performer” side, which he proves with this album.

The song “ON TEN” is a hip-hop song with a solid bass and catchy synth sounds. The lyrics are filled with a strong confidence in himself and his crew, as well as his aspirations, and his versatile and overwhelming vocal appeal can be felt.

The new song “Dangerous” is a pop-punk genre song that combines groovy synth bass, funky guitar playing, and Ten’s rhythmic vocals. The lyrics are impressive with interesting content that warns the audience of the dangers they will face if they get into it with their partner.

In addition, the new preview image released today (31st) through NCT’s official SNS stands out for its intense atmosphere that is a gap between Ten’s iconic visuals and the sensual mood released earlier, arousing curiosity about the unusual appearance he will showcase on his solo album.

His first mini-album “TEN” will be released on February 13 at 6 p.m. on music distribution sites, and the album will be released on the same day.

Following the release of his solo album, he will hold “2024 TEN FIRST FAN-CON 1001” in four regions including Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Jakarta, starting with a two-day concert in Seoul on February 16-17 at YES24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul.